Dimensional terrazzo slabs are not just light in weight and extremely fast to install for kitchen countertops but they are also a wonderful look as well as a hygienic solution for bathroom flooring and shower wall surfaces.
The advantages of a countertop produced from terrazzo slab are numerous, but be assured, they are not derived by restricting beauty. Those who have these counter surfaces find out they are a top choice for a hard surface material well-liked by kitchen creative designers.

There are many primary looks that terrazzo counter surfaces can take on because of the use of various colorings and aggregates. Incorporating glass or marble into the mixture, terrazzo countertops can take on an assortment of diverse looks .
Our terrazzo slabs are offered in assorted sizes and manufactured from post consumer recycled glass, this will add an additional element of attractiveness to the countertops. These are undoubtedly a few of the many benefits that your recycled glass terrazzo slabs can certainly provide and give you an overall fresh look for your kitchen space or any interior or exterior design work.


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